When you purchase a ticket you will be sent a confirmation email with your ticket number. SAVE IT – you will need it to enter shows and workshops throughout the weekend.


There will be two Zoom Meetings going on throughout the weekend; The Concert Stage and the Workshop Tent.

The Zoom links, meeting IDs, and Passcodes will be emailed to all ticket holders.


Before the Festival:

Go to Zoom.com and download the Zoom application to your device (laptop/mobile phone/tablet) in advance.

  • PLEASE Rename your Screen Name if possible BEFORE the Festival as this will speed up the check-in process.

    • Before the meeting: Open Zoom.

    • In the main menu at the top, select “Preferences”.
      Select “Profile” from the menu on the left.

    • Select “Edit My Profile” on the right.

    • Your account name should be at the top with a blue “Edit” on the right - if you click on that, you can change your name.

    • This is where your ticket number comes in handy. You will be put into a Waiting Room and invited into the Zoom Meeting based on your ticket number. You should “Rename” yourself starting with your ticket number so we can register everyone quickly. For example, if your ticket number is FW452 and the name that you used to purchase the ticket is Sara Smith, you would rename yourself “FW452 Sara Smith.”

To enhance your experience:

  • For better quality sound you might want to get headphones or an external speaker.

  • To see the show on your big screen TV connect your device using an HDMI cable.

For a full set of easy-to-follow Zoom instructions for your device, please click on the link below to view and print. It will be much easier to follow the instructions from a printed copy.