Best of The Fests - October 9, 10, 11

Over 100 Performers & Presenters in 3 Days

Creating an Online Zoom Women's Festival On 2 Stages


Holly Near, Lea DeLaria, Emily Tarver & Vicci Martinez, Tret Fure, Gracie and Rachel, Pamela Means,

Amber Martin, One Long Earring, Wendy Sobel, Lakecia Benjamin, Páprika, Zoë Lewis, Alix Olson,

Tracy City, Nia & Ness, Talia Keys, ViRAGO, Alix Dobkin, & Sheri Lynne

Comedians / Emcees:

Mimi Gonzalez, Sandra Valls, Karen Williams, & Poppy Champlin

And other artists in The Really Big Show:

Lorijo Manley, Anne Stott, Julie Wheeler, Diane Hamilton, Melody Klemin, Retts Drag King

Opening Ceremony


Join Shirley Jons, Caru, Fre at last, Beverly Little Thunder, White Feather, Sylvie & Roxanne, and many more for the opening ceremony.


We’ll start our super 3-day event with a red thread ceremony that will bond us together. The Red Thread is a global symbol of protection and connection. Something found in many cultures in rituals, ceremonies, and circles.


To us, it ties our festival community together at a time when we have to be apart. We are alone in this together.

(Bring a red thread or ribbon for each participant for this event.)

Closing Ceremony


Help us close the festival with affirmations and Drumming along with many of the women who performed and presented this weekend.



Storytelling with Rhythm Fest Film and Herstorian Merril Mushroom

Merril shares stories of Southern lesbian, feminists who worked from the 60s through the 90s; all movers & shakers in the South during the second wave of feminism.


Storytelling with Alix Dobkin and JEB

Alix Dobkin tells her story: Hear how Alix started out in Greenwich Village in the 60s singing folk music with the top talent of the day. She then became an early founder of lesbian music in the 70s. Find out why the New York Times called her “uncompromising” and the F.B.I. called her “a troublemaker.”

Jeb (Joan E Biren) is an internationally recognized documentarian. Her photography and film work helps paint a picture of what early lesbian life was like. Jeb will share stories about the early days of women’s music.

These amazing stories will be followed by a Q&A session.


Surviving and Thriving in Place

During this intense time of disruption, we will explore how to stay grounded and involved in what matters most to us, and also create hope for our future.

Presenter: Janne Dooley, psychotherapist, and activist.

So Many Ways To Parent

Dive into the many paths to parenting and how to support others who parent. Provincetown mother of 10, Tracy Kachtick-Anders, will cover foster care, foster to adopt, guardianship, parenting LGBT and non-binary youth, alternative insemination, and how to become a child advocate.

Q&A to follow.


Film Forum: Jewel's Catch One

Trailer, discussion, and Q&A with C. Fitz (Director/Producer) and Pat Branch (Writer/Producer) of Jewel’s Catch One. Filmmakers explore the history of the oldest black-owned disco in America and its owner Jewel Thais-Williams, who defied discrimination and hate for 42 years. Be sure to see Jewel’s Catch One on Netflix now, (distributed by Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY). Featuring music by Bonnie Pointer, Thelma Houston, Sylvester, Jennifer Holiday, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Peaches & Herb, and many others.

Presented by: Anne Attalla


Film: The Archivettes

Intro by Director Megan Rossman, an assistant professor of communication at Purchase College and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. The Lesbian Herstory Archives were founded in the 1970s when a group of women involved in the Gay Academic Union realized that lesbian history was “disappearing as quickly as it was being made.” The group’s mission is to gather and preserve records of lesbian lives and activities.


Uncovering the Past: Women Writers and Their Research

In this panel, three women writers will discuss the benefits and difficulties of uncovering and writing about the history of women and women’s groups.

Sarah F. Pearlman is the author of “The Lesbian Erotic: Bad Girl Persona and Other Poems” and “Where There Are Mountains." 

Rose Norman is a member of the Ravens Den Sanctuary Land Group, general editor of the Southern Lesbian Feminist Activist Herstory Project, and an author and lecturer.

Jeannette de Beauvoir is the author of historical and mystery fiction and teaches workshops on historical fiction.


Old Dykes with Herstory

Hear how it was WAY back when: The Family, The Fashion, The Nightlife, The Dating. Several women share their memories. Oh, those gals!

Presented by: Michelle Crone

Women & Politics (Featuring Mimi Gonzalez, Jo Hay, Tanya Domi, Dee Walker,  Katherine Power, and Catherine Russo)

In these challenging times, it is women who are taking charge. We bring you 6 amazing warriors doing courageous work to bring our planet back to balance.

Presented by: Mel Dwyer

Q&A to follow.


Herstory tour of “Women of Ptown”

Hear about the women who started the Art Colony, the Underground Railroad operations, and early lesbian cultural life.

Presenters: Michelle Crone, Shira Kavon & Julia Perry


The Healing Power of Humor for Activists

Presented by: Karen Williams, M.Ed, Founder/CEO HAHAInstitute the Best in Stand-Up Comedy Diversity Training, Humor Education & Motivational Speaking. A nationally-known stand-up comic whom Curve Magazine calls “a laugh riot.”


Guess What? We are All Growing Older... Are You Ready?

Examine different aspects of our aging needs, including medical, legal, spiritual, financial, and emotional. All will be addressed.

Presented by: Jeanne Burke and women in the field of aging and end-of-life.

Ask Away - Non-binary, Transman, Genderqueer... Our New Language and What It Means.

Any Questions?

First-hand account by Twiz Rimer & Tuck Mayo (from Vice TV’s Twiz & Tuck)

Presented by: Anne Attalla

Q&A to follow

Combating Racism

In these challenging times, Anne Stott presents a multimedia presentation on Abolishing the Police created by SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice). We’ll dive into what it means to “defund the police” and why abolition is the path we must take to build a society that is based in justice and care.

Presented by: Anne Stott